Return to the Dungeons of Doom


A new version of the classic Rogue



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Return to the Dungeons of Doom is a traditional rogue like that contains all of the genre's traditional elements: turn-based combat, one final permanent death for your character, a full character creator, randomly generated dungeons, etc.

The game's story sticks to the classic original Rogue. Basically, your objective is to go down into the depths of a dungeon to find the famous amulet of Yendor and then come back out, alive. The dungeon is made up of 26 levels, after which you will finally find the amulet.

During the adventure you will have to face hundreds of enemies and traps that leave no room for mistakes. Even the smallest misstep can end up with your character being killed...and you having to create a new hero.

Return to the Dungeons of Doom is a fun roguelike which, in spite of its traditional style, thankfully incorporates many modern elements such as pixelated graphics and a simplified mouse control.
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